Sell 31

Imagine if someone came to you and said - Will you sell this product line that sells itself? So they ask you to sell Thirty One. You'd have all sorts of thoughts, like - are they nuts? How can something sell itself? What's the point of me selling Thirty One if it sells itself? And if I do sell it - if it's that simple, everyone in town will be selling it, won't they? Each of these ideas bring up a different point that all figure in to how and why you would want to sell Thirty One. Sell Thirty One. What is Thirty One and what does this mean to Sell Thirty One?

Well, first – it's pretty safe to say that if you do sell Thirty One, you just might be the only person in your town selling Thirty One. The reason is that it's a young Company - 7 years - so it hasn’t reached the saturation level that it will someday. So, there's plenty of time to sell Thirty One and share the experience with friends, family and friends you haven't even met yet. Yes, you will make new friends selling Thirty One and you will change people's lives. Interested yet?

Thirty One has many ways to insure you feel well informed, well trained and well rewarded for selling Thirty One. As an Independent 31 Consultant, you will feel like part of the family. Thirty One knows that if you are happy selling Thirty One, everyone wins – you, the Customer and the Company.

Another part of the Ease of Selling Thirty One is that there are so many ways to sell it – you don't have to 'really' have a Party to have a Party. Huh? What does this mean? You can sell Thirty One on your weekly trip to the grocery store or even 'at or to' any small business that you do business with.

Another thing you can do is put an assortment of bags into a large Tote and put them in your trunk. That way you can sell Thirty One to your friends when you drop by and they notice the bag you're carrying. Everyone loves to look at the catalog and it's a good tool for selling Thirty One because it shows collections of bags, purses and totes that make for a coordinated look but you will have an easy time of it making that sale when you can pull "that" bag out of the trunk to show someone. As soon as they see the quality of the product they are ready to let you sell them Thirty One.

You could be like most of the rest of the population in the United States who are trying to figure out: creative ways to pay their bills, cover the cost of your children's' activities, find a way to say yes to Disneyland or a special night out. Wherever you’ve been coming up short, selling Thirty One might just be the answer for you and/or your family. You will make a 25% commission on your sales from Day One. As you sign people up to sell Thirty One, you will begin to make more money on the sales they make. And the sky is the limit with Thirty One Gifts.

There are minimum requirements to remain an active Consultant – you only need to sell $200 worth of Thirty One products (or the equivalent of one Party) every THREE months. There are no hidden agendas when you sell Thirty One. That’s another part of the beauty of it. It's a Company with integrity. Their goal is to sell their products to the public – not you (but you will own several items just because you will love them!)

As a Thirty One consultant you will not only meet new Customers but you will meet other Consultants at the Company Celebrate & Connect meetings that are held every other month. These meetings are held for everyone in your area who sells Thirty One. Directors in all parts of the country sign up to hold these meetings and amazing things happen. You'll meet other people who have fantastic ideas and tips who probably will even want to help you sell Thirty One. Imagine that – others who want to help you with your business. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Even people who aren't part of your Team will help you. That's another great thing about Thirty One – others want and will help you to sell Thirty One and to be a success. There are very few things you can do in life where that’s the case. It's truly a true definition of Teamwork.

So if you've been trying to figure out to enhance your income – sell Thirty One. If you've been trying to figure out how to enhance your life – sell Thirty One. If you just want to try something new – sell Thirty One Gifts. Because here's the thing – what do you have to lose if you DO sell Thirty One? Absolutely nothing. And you have everything to gain.